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I'm afraid

I'm scared out of my mind. i'm so close to losing you, you don't even know. Sometimes I seriously wonder how I'm going to live without you. You were everything I had. But you took that away from me and now I have to live with the people who laugh at me and told me they knew this would happen all along. I told you I would call you at 12 and now it's almost 1 and you're not answering your phone. Avoiding me. Not doing what you have to do. I just want this to be over. If we're going to end it, let's just end it. but if we do end it....I want to be removed from your life completely. I don't want one trace of me to reflect on your soul. I want it to be like I died. Only you don't mourn for me. You just look forward.
I don't want to do that. But for you, I would. For you I'd do anything. Because I love you. Not because I'm obsessed with you. This isn't an obsession though at times I wonder if it is. It's just a girl asking a boy why he doesn't love her anymore. Why she stopped existing in his mind. you're right. I am driving myself crazy. I just wish I knew what to do with myself.
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