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I think a lot of people wonder why I've stayed with Denis for so long. Through all of his ignorances, his other girlfriends, everything. And the short and very long reason why I've stayed with him is this...

I want to know more about him. He intrigues me more than anyone I know. I look at him and find myself questioning all his motives. Why does he do the things he does? What makes him tick...what does he think when he looks into my eyes as deeply as he does? Does he love me even half as much as I love him? What inspires him?

These are questions that I'm willing to get to the bottom of. That's why I'm dating him. I love him. I just worry sometimes that I'm trying too hard. I'm slowly learning that love is not always pretty. It's not always fairy-tale perfect. Sometimes it just stinks. But it's worth it. Anyways I'm rambling and if Denis ever reads this...he'll freak out.
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